Honoring Student Voices

Learning Technology Grant CSD10  2021- 2024

"Honoring Student Voices is a blended learning approach that will leverage the use of digital media and its capacity for providing opportunities for multiple modalities of learning and self-expression to enable student voice across all areas of the curriculum. HSV will focus on the integration of the arts and literacy across core subject learning to support culturally linguistic relevance in a project-based learning environment.



Through the Learning Technology Grant initiative our students have been engaged in exploring photography.  The students have engaged in capturing images with digital cameras, then the process of editing using digital tools. The students have been introduced to the important roles composition and lighting play in image capturing, creation and planning.

Below is the PS159 Photography Expo 2024


We attempt to approach all projects at PS159  In Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLEs), small groups of students are asked big questions, and then left to work together to answer those questions.  The students use digital tools, the internet and traditional learning tools to represent theit learning.

Researching Female Artist

After completing a unit on Female Leaders in honor of International Women's Day.  The Arts teacher and Classroom teacher created a project where the students had to pick a Female Leader from the school and create a portrait of them inspired by the work of Bisa Butler.

Ms. Ortiz, Teacher PS159 Bronx NY

The Wild West

The students were learning and researching "The Wild West".  They gained insight and a clearer understanding of what life was like living in the late 1800's American West.

Ms. Diaz, Teacher PS159 Bronx NY

Creative Artist

The students were exploring creating expository essays.  They were asked to research a favorite piece of artwork using digital tools to research the artist and other pieces they created.  The students then crafted expository essays using computer apps that helped them combine images and text to express their learning.

Mr. X Ortiz Teacher PS159 Bronx NY

AVA RODRIGUEZ - Expository Essay
CHRISTIAN MARTE - Expository Essay