Project: P.S.159 Ambassadors

Welcome to the Anti-Bullying web design and outreach project. Students were tasked to Research and create a Website on Bullying.

The assignment tasked students with:

  • Research - Students used different Resources ranging from, education videos, inspirational stories and medical studies on bullying.
  • Documentation - Students documented their research using Google docs, slides and pen & paper.
  • Discussions - Students openly discussed their experiences with bullying on how they have been affected by it. Students created a sharing circle to provide a safe haven to share experiences, problems , solutions, methods of speaking about the problem and how they can reach others in need.
  • Web Design - Students created and populated a personal website with their research.
    • They described the different types of bullying , their affects on victims and collected data of bullying in schools.
    • Students were asked to write a personal experience with bullying and the steps they took to solve their problem in hopes of giving other students a way to seek help. ( Students were instructed to change names and settings in their personal experience)
    • Students populated their websites, with graphics, data diagrams, pictures and web navigation through the use of multiple pages.
  • Empathy VS Sympathy - Students described , analyzed and discussed what is empathy, sympathy and its affects on bullying and victims with examples . (Exit assessment)

Website design Rubric & Personal Experience Rubric